What will meditation do for me?

Even as little as ten minutes meditation every day will make a noticeable difference to your life. Meditation is a form of training, so the more you do, and the more consistently you do it, the more you’ll see progress.

What progress can you expect?

You’ll find that things that used to “push your buttons,” you can now face with calmness.
You will experience more confidence.
Your relationships with others will become more harmonious.
You’ll feel happier.
You may well sleep better.

You’ll accomplish all these things by learning more about the way your mind works. You’ll learn to recognize unhelpful patterns of thought, feeling, and action that tend to make you less effective. These unhelpful patterns include getting unnecessarily angry, or feeling despondent.
You’ll learn how to let go of these patterns.

You’ll also learn how to choose to respond more creatively, in ways that allow you to remain calm and aware of the effects of your actions on yourself and others. You’ll learn, for example, how to calm your mind and how to develop more empathy for others. You’ll learn to have more patience with yourself and others.

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