Triratna NYC pdf files

Triratna is a worldwide Buddhist Movement devoted to teaching the essential truths of Buddhism in a format suited to the Western practitioner in the modern world. Triratna NYC offers meditation classes and Buddhist study for all levels of experience in the heart of the New York City.

Course Handouts

Introduction to Triratna
Recommended Reading

Meditation Course

Week 1. Mindfulness of Breathing
Week 2. Mettabhavana
Week 3. Hindrances
Week 4. PIPER

Buddhism Courses

The Four Noble Truths

Week 1. Life is Suffering
Week 2. The Cause of Suffering
Week 4. Cessation of suffering
Week 4. The Path Leading to Cessation of suffering

The Eight Fold Path

Week 1.
Eight Fold Path Overview
Right View
Right Intention
Week 2.
Right Speech
Right Action
Week 3.
Right Livelihood
Right Effort
Week 4.
Right Mindfulness
Right Concentration

The Six Perfections

Week 1. Overview of the the Six Perfections
Week 2. 1. Generosity 2.Virtue and Morality
Week 3. 3. Patience and Tolerance 4. Energy, Diligence, Vigor and Effort
Week 4. 5. One-Pointed Concentration and Contemplation 6. Wisdom and Insight

The Wheel of Life

Week 1. Overview of The Wheel of Life and Wheel of Life Drawing
Week 2. The Hub of The Wheel
Week 3. The Six Realms
Week 4. The Twelve Links.