Triratna Buddhist Retreat Centers



Triratna Buddhist Retreat Centers

The Triratna Buddhist Community  runs retreat centers around the world where people can get away from their otherwise busy lives and have a deeper experience of meditation and Buddhist practice. Some retreat centers run retreats suitable for beginners, while others offer retreats for those with some experience of meditation or Buddhist practice. Local Triratna Buddhist Community centers also hold retreats at a variety of locations convenient to their Sangha.

Retreats at Aryaloka NH

Retreat gives us an opportunity to slow everything down and spend time reflecting on what is most important to us. Aryaloka offers frequent weekend retreats and periodic weeklong retreats. Expand your horizons; step to a new level. Go on retreat!


Aryaloka Retreat Center
Heartwood Circle
New Hampshire
NH 03857
(603) 659 5456
Aryaloka Retreat Center

General information

Events at Aryaloka are open to all unless stated otherwise in the program details. All retreats and courses are taught by members of the Western Buddhist Order, except where specifically noted.

We provide:

  • Vegetarian meals (included in the fee for day workshops and retreats)
  • Meditation mats, cushions and benches
  • Shared bedrooms for overnight stays (separate rooms for men and women)
  • Towels, pillows, bed linens and blankets

Additional accommodations (at extra charge) if you wish to arrive before or stay after an event. Call (603) 659-5456 or email us at for details. Aryaloka is 50 miles north of Boston near Portsmouth NH.

NH Chronicle Spring 2011- Aryaloka Buddhist Center on YouTube

Directions to Aryaloka



Worldwide Retreat Centers

In addition to Aryaloka, the Triratna Buddhist Community runs a number of permanent retreat centers around the world. All of these are places where you can go to gain a more “full-time” experience of Buddhist practice. Below are links to some that have web sites.



Vijayaloka Retreat Centre

België (Belgium)

Metta Vihara

Deutschland (Germany)

Meditationshaus Vimaladhatu

España (Spain)

Akashavana Women’s Buddhist Retreat Centre
Eco-Dharma Retreat Centre
Guhyaloka Retreat Centre

México (Mexico)

Chintamani Retreat Centre

Nederland (Netherlands)

Metta Vihara

New Zealand

Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre

Suomi (Finland)

Abhayaloka Retreat Centre

Sverige (Sweden)

Dharmagiri Retreat Center


Buddhafield North
Dhanakosa Retreat Centre
London Buddhist Centre Open Retreats
Padmaloka Men’s Retreat Centre
Rivendell Retreat Centre
Taraloka Women’s Retreat Centre
Tiratanaloka retreat centre for women
Vajraloka Meditation Centre
Vajrasana (LBC retreat centre)


Aryaloka Buddhist Retreat Center

भारत (India)

Bhaja International Retreat Centre