Sangha a spiritual community. The Triratna Buddhist Community is a community of people who are trying together to follow the Buddha’s path. In traditional Buddhist terms, it seeks to be a true sangha or spiritual community.

Sangha Practice Evenings

Every Monday we have a class for those with prior experience of our mediations. We meet at 7:00pm, with meditation followed by discussion around a Buddhist text.

Triratna NYC retreat November 2013

Practice Days in NYC
Third Sunday of Every Other Month

Some times for shedualing reasons it’s the second Sunday.
These meditation days are for anyone who is familiar with our meditations.

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Dharmachakra Archive is the sound and text archive of the Triratna Buddhist Order.
*Free Buddhist Audio from the Dharmachakra Archive
*Over 500 audio talks on Buddhism and meditation
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Some answers to commonly asked questions.
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The Mitra Sangha
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Mind — Reactive and Creative
Buddhism in the West
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Meditation in the News Wildmind’s archive of news stories relating to meditation

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Triratna Buddhist Community news

News of events, happenings, people and places related to the Triratna Buddhist Community

Sangha Retreat

Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

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Sangha definition

Sangha is a word in Indian languages that can be translated roughly as “association” or “assembly”. It is commonly used in several senses to refer to Buddhist groups. Traditionally, it almost always has one of two meanings: most commonly, sangha means the order of ordained Buddhist monks or nuns (that is, there is one sangha of monks and one of nuns). In a stricter sense, sangha can mean the assembly of all beings possessing some degree of enlightenment, such as arhats and bodhisattvas; this is referred to as the arya-sangha or noble sangha. In modern Western countries, sangha is often used much more loosely to refer to any group of Buddhists with a meaning similar to “congregation.”

(note Sangha is also a region of the Republic of the Congo.)