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Screen-Shot-2012-01-03-at-16.53.29Wise Attention

Vishvapani’s very thoughtful, reflective writings, thoughts and interviews. Wise Attention: exploring what it means to practice Buddhism, mindfulness and ethics in the modern world. You’ll find reviews, talks, Thought for the Day broadcasts, interviews and reflections on the arts and current events as well as background material to my book on the Buddha and discussions of mindfulness and Buddhism in the modern world.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.26.06 AMJayarava’s Raves

“Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking” – John Maynard Keynes

Jayarava means: “cry of victory”. I have a B.Sc in chemistry and I’m a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Otherwise largely autodidact. I’ve also dabbled in various art forms: music, painting, photography, and calligraphy.

Clear Vision Trust

A Buddhist audio-visual media project and a UK registered charity. We work in a beautiful office at the top of the Manchester Buddhist Centre, UK and see all our efforts as an expression of Right Livelihood, the fifth limb of the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.

Founded in the early 1990s, our purpose was to record the teachings of the Venerable Urgyen Sangharakshita, founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community.

We maintain the Triratna video and image archives and provide a steady flow of new and archive material for our Buddhist movement worldwide. Outside the Buddhist world, we are very well known for our work for schools and young people.
Clear Vision Trust

Clear Vision Trust on YouTube


VideoSangha has been set up to enable people within the Triratna mandala to share what they are doing, what they are inspired by and just to show what they look like – through the medium of video.

Free Buddhist Audio

Audio FREE download mp3s, cd’s and tapes on Buddhism
Free Buddhist Audio from the Dharmachakra Archive

As part of the Triratna Buddhist Community and a registered charity in the UK, we’ve been producing titles on meditation and Buddhism for over 30 years – and now, we’ve gone digital!

Through the Digital Legacy project we’ve digitally remastered our main collection of lectures and talks by Urgyen Sangharakshita (founder of Triratna) and made them available for the first time on CD.

We have over 650 titles, with more added regularly! There are many treasures here – who knows what you’ll discover? From Zen to children’s audio – whatever you find, we hope you’ll find it inspiring in your own search for Truth…

Windhorse Publications

Basing our work on the Buddha’s teaching of Right Livelihood, Windhorse Publications seeks to have an ethical and creative approach to work. Besides being aware of the impact of our business on the world around us, we also care about the effect that work has on us. Presenting the teachings of the Buddha to the Western world, we publish works by authors who not only understand the Buddhist tradition but are also familiar with Western culture and the Western mind.

Windhorse Publications are distributed in the USA by Consortium Books and at available at



Buddhist Audio Books

These books have been recorded by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. The books are published by Windhorse Publications, and can be bought from their website.

The audio books are available for free download and distribution, provided they are not sold in any way. Copyright remains with Windhorse Publications and the authors.

The audio books are offered as a free resouce for the visually impaired, in the hope they will find them useful and inspiring.

Meditation at Wildmind

Wildmind is an excellent place to learn meditation. You can move at your own pace through a workshop of exercises and reflections.
If you want personal guidance in your practice, then you might want to try one of our online courses – on Mindworks@Wildmind.

Wildmind has a wealth of practical, down-to-earth yet inspiring material to coach you through the process of learning to work with your mind and emotions in order to develop more calmness, relaxation, clarity, and happiness.

You can learn meditation by reading and by being talked through guided meditations on RealAudio. Give yourself a treat, and explore our site! We’re sure you’ll want to come back again and again.

Wildmind is the perfect to place to learn meditation online. We have a wealth of information on meditation, and guided meditations in RealAudio format to lead you through the meditation practices we teach.


Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 9.22.52 AMKamalashila’s Meditation website

The Buddhist Way Of Tranquility and Insight website
A Comprehensive Introduction to Buddhist Meditation by Kamalashila

Talks by Kamalashila fom Free Buddhist Audio

The Mindfulness of Breathing: Introduction and Guidance mp3
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Short Lead-through mp3
The Mindfulness of Breathing: Full Lead-through mp3

Metta Bhavana: Introduction and Basic Tools mp3
Metta Bhavana: Full Lead-through mp3
Metta Bhavana: Short Lead-through mp3

Meditation Videos

Lights In The Sky Films produces low-cost videos on meditation and western Buddhism because they believe meditation practices such as mindfulness of breathing or metta bhavana relieve stress, and bring health, peace and happiness.
Lights In The Sky Films
Note these videos are in the British format.

Introductory reading or Introductory reading pdf

A number of Sangharakshita’s writings can be downloaded for free.
Sangharakshita Books



The Kindseat

The Meditation Bench And Seat that will Fit You Always
Infinitely adjustable to give you the ultimate choice of posture and comfort.

Packs flat, lightweight and strong. Whether you are meditating, in prayer, contemplation, practicing pranayama in yoga, or just need to be able to sit still so that you can stay relaxed and alert having the right posture to sit in is important .   This is only possible with a seat that has a height and angle that is right for you.

The Kindseat can be used as a meditation bench or stool (for kneeling or seiza postures) or as a low seat for sitting cross-legged. It can easily be adjusted in tiny amounts to suit your body shape, size and flexibility.

Meditation cushions and meditation benches

Integral Yoga Shop
227 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10011

Online Stores

Dharma Crafts
Carolina Morning Designs
Sun and Moon Originals
GreenPeople, eco-friendly and holistic health products
Wildmind Store



Triratna NYC Introductory Class Handouts


Dhammakranti Retreat Center at Buddhagaya
We are very pleased to inform you that we are arranging our 8th successive Dhammakranti Retreat at Buddha Gaya.  All are welcome to attend.  It is a wonderful and spiritual experience to be in retreat at the Enlightenment Place of the Buddha.

In the retreat we will do Meditation under the Bodhi Tree, listen to Dhamma talks, enjoy Buddhist Rituals, Group Discussion & Cultural Activities: this way we feel & experience close to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.  Many people come from all over India and abroad. donations page

Other Buddhist Centers in Northeast US