Taking Refuge in the Three Jewels: Fay


So far we’ve heard from Gary and Liesl on what the three jewels mean to them. Let’s continue to get to know the sangha, this time with Fay:

What does ‘taking refuge in the Buddha’ mean to you personally?
Like taking a visit to a friend, though that friend happens to be the wisest part of myself, who can look deep within me and make me feel loved and purposeful. Oh and that friend has a sense of humor too, so I can laugh at my folly and forgive myself.

What does ‘taking refuge in the Dharma’ mean to you personally?
Daily meditation and living my life with the principles of no-harm and compassion for all living beings. This includes developing my work, to help guide those in my class room and rehearsal with wisdom , and patience. Reading books such as these help me stay on that path; The Anatomy of Change and The Art of Somatic Coaching (Richard Strozzi-Heckler), The Places that Scare You (Pema Chodron), and New Self-New World (Philip Shepherd).

What does ‘taking refuge in the Sangha’ mean to you personally?
It means making time to sit in meditation with a group of like-minded people, in order to strengthen my practice and understanding about the 8 fold path towards Enlightenment. It means making a call when I feel lonely, and being available when someone reaches out.


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