Any kind of life that is making no effort to evolve is escapism.
~ Sangharakshita


Triratna NYC offers courses, classes, practice days and retreats to get you acquainted with meditation and Buddhism and to support your practice.

Courses – Meditation and Buddhism

      • Introductory Classes for Meditation and Buddhism
        Four weeks to a more focused & peaceful you.
        No meditation experience necessary. We run ongoing introductions to Meditation and Buddhism in Midtown. The courses are four weeks long and held on Wednesdays from 7-9pm


      • Meditation or Study Retreats For over two and a half millennia, there has been a strong tradition among Buddhists of going on retreat in quiet, secluded places. The Buddha recommended that his followers stay in one place and meditate more intensely during the three-month rainy season.


Friends Night

      • Sangha Night once a month the first Tuesday of each month, we welcome anyone with an interest in Buddhist practice.  We begin with a meditation, followed by a talk or other program. The emphasis is on practical application of Buddhist principles in our own lives.

Practice Days – Meditation and Buddhism

      • Practice Days or Non-Residential Retreats, are offered periodically throughout the year, exploring a variety of topics such as meditation, mindfulness and other issues related to Buddhist practice.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

      • MBSR uses meditation, yoga, inquiry and informal daily mindfulness practices as a way of training people to relate differently to the stresses in their lives. The central focus of MBSR is intensive training in mindfulness meditation and its integration into the challenges and adventures of everyday life.