Ups and Downs with Equanimity

“Is That So?”: Meeting life’s ups and downs with equanimity

April 20th, 6pm – April 22nd, 2pm

The retreat: Part of what the Dharma offers is freedom. Not just the ultimate freedom of Enlightenment, but also freedom from the daily swings in our mental states that come with pain or pleasure.  Equanimity, when it comes, is a beautiful rich state of mind – being able to face whatever life presents with calm, resilience and loving kindness.  Knowing we will be able to be our true selves whatever arises.

This will be a quiet retreat with meditation, readings, reflection and some teaching.  In the beauty of the Spring countryside, we will experience how our minds develop peace and equanimity and learn how to cultivate supportive conditions and mental states. There will be some silence on this retreat.

Led by:  Samayasri has practiced Buddhism for 25 years whilst working in demanding professional contexts and raising a son as a single parent.

Retreat cost:

–          $220 – For those who make a comfortable income

–          $185 – For those who are on a moderate income

–          $160 – For those on a fixed income who struggle to pay bills

Confirmation and Non-refundable deposit: confirmation by 23rd March and $35 is required by 30th March to secure a space via PayPal or Venmo.  Email for details.

Cancelation feewithin one week of the start date of the retreat (after 12th April) requires payment of $92.50, which represents 50% of the mid-level payment. We ask that you kindly respect this policy.