Today, I’m more than six years into a practice of meditation, study, and spiritual fellowship that I truly believe has made me a better human being, and helped me weather some very significant life challenges.
~ Gary, Jamaica Estates, Queens

Geting Involved

Triratna NYC offers options both for people who are interested in learning how to meditate, and for people who would like to develop a Buddhist practice that includes meditation and community. Getting involved in the sangha is simple.

First, sign up for one of our Introductory Classes:

We run an ongoing series of classes that teach basic meditation techniques as well as key concepts of Buddhist philosophy. The classes are informal and friendly, and no prior experience is needed. They meet once a week in the evenings in Manhattan and run for four to six weeks. The Introductory Classes are the perfect way for you to learn how to meditate in a casual atmosphere, and for you to experience the benefits and rewards of a regular meditation practice right from the start.

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Then, join us on Sangha Night:

Once you’ve completed the introductory classes, you’re ready to join the regular sangha nights. A sangha is a community of people who meditate, learn, and practice Buddhist principals in their lives. We support one another by discussing our meditation practices, reading Buddhist texts, and sharing our experiences.

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Attend a retreat, practice day or special event:

There are also retreats, practice days, and special events that you can participate in. Check out our programs for more information.