Laura asks for Ordination

Laura just after asking for ordination with Vajramati.

“Asking for ordination was a big step for me but definitely a positive one. As with many decisions I make, I thought it through ad nauseam. I meditated about it, hashed it out in my mind several times for several weeks and then I virtually woke up one morning and it was crystal clear. Why not I asked myself? I already feel committed to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Since I began practicing over seven years ago I’ve been moving toward The Three Jewels but maybe wasn’t as aware of it as I currently am (I wasn’t as aware of many things prior to my practice). Triratna is definitely my spiritual community so what’s the problem? When I allowed my mind to settle down and think more skillfully, I realized Gong for Refuge just makes sense and is the “natural” next step for me and my practice.

Nothing has moved me in such a profound way as The Three Jewels and my aspiration and intention is that they are at the center of my life. Going For Refuge is my formal commitment to that end and I’m so privileged to be on this path with so many others who share the journey. If that’s not skillful, I don’t know what is!!”