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Vishvapani’s very thoughtful, reflective writings, thoughts and interviews. Wise Attention: exploring what it means to practice Buddhism, mindfulness and ethics in the modern world. You&">Introductory reading pdf

A number of Sangharakshita’s writings can be downloaded for free.
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The Kindseat

The Meditation Bench And Seat that will Fit You Always
Infinitely adjustable to give you the ultimate choice of posture and comfort.

Packs flat, lightweight and strong. Whether you are meditating, in prayer, contemplation, practicing pranayama in yoga, or just need to be able to sit still so that you can stay relaxed and alert having the right posture to sit in is important .   This is only possible with a seat that has a height and angle that is right for you.

The Kindseat can be used as a meditation bench or stool (for kneeling or seiza postures) or as a low seat for sitting cross-legged. It can easily be adjusted in tiny amounts to suit your body shape, size and flexibility.

Meditation cushions and meditation benches

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Triratna NYC Introductory Class Handouts


Dhammakranti Retreat Center at Buddhagaya
We are very pleased to inform you that we are arranging our 8th successive Dhammakranti Retreat at Buddha Gaya.  All are welcome to attend.  It is a wonderful and spiritual experience to be in retreat at the Enlightenment Place of the Buddha.

In the retreat we will do Meditation under the Bodhi Tree, listen to Dhamma talks, enjoy Buddhist Rituals, Group Discussion & Cultural Activities: this way we feel & experience close to the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.  Many people come from all over India and abroad. donations page

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