Outlying Sanghas Retreat 2017

The Five Spiritual Faculties


Outlying Sanghas Retreat

January 13th thru
January 16th, 2016
(Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend)
(can arrive starting 6ish)
ends Monday 1 PM
Level: Experienced
Cost: $300/$250/$195
Location: Aryaloka Buddhist Center
14 Heartwood Circle Newmarket, NH 03857

Register at the Aryaloka Buddhist Center website

Led by:
Sunada, Ananta, Sravaniya & Dharmasuri

This retreat is exclusively for the sanghas from
Boston MA, Portland ME, and New York City.

The Five Spiritual Faculties — faith, vigor, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom — are the qualities that the Buddha taught are essential to making spiritual progress. We’ll focus on gaining a better understanding of these, as well as engage in our annual celebration of deepening our friendships with each other.

How do I know which events to attend?
“Experienced” level events assume prior exposure the fundamentals of Buddhism as taught by Triratna Buddhist Community as well as experience with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (the development of loving-kindness) meditations.

image: Chinese Buddhist poets Hanshan and his friend Shide (Tang dynasty 618-906)

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