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Tacoma Buddhist Center officially launches on March 8, 2016

tacoma-washington-1200x628-webThe Tacoma Buddhist Center officially launches on March 8, 2016. The new center, located in America, has been Manidha’s vision for many years. She always imagined building a community with others and offering the Dharma where she lives.

Manidha-webIn developing the website, she and Erika Narkiewicz panicked when they discovered the desired domain,, was already taken. They thoughtfully discussed how much money they’d be willing to offer for the domain name, and then laughed their heads off when they found out Manidha already owned it! She bought it years ago and had forgotten all about it. Dreams do come true and we’re pleased to welcome you to our dream!

Please visit us at

Manidha works full-time as a Deputy Director of Human Resources for a large organization in Seattle with 14,000 employees. She owns Skill for Mind, a local business that offers mindfulness training for children and adults. Manidha is also a senior trainer with the Potential Project, bringing mindfulness to the corporate world. As you can imagine, she could use your help!

Erika, a mitra from Norwich, was just here for three months. She was an invaluable resource and support. Learning how to snowshoe, she and Manidha became good friends and worked together to launch the new center.

If you’re looking for a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, pioneer a new center, have fun, and enjoy waterfront living, it doesn’t get any better than this!

2702 N. Proctor Street
Tacoma, WA 98407​
Phone:(253) 237-3620



Mindfulness in Times of Uncertainty


Most of us don’t know if, at this very moment, we are in the middle of our lives or living our last few days. Probably few of us even think about this very often.

The fact that our wonderful human lives hang by a thread is what motivates many Buddhist practitioners to live each passing moment to the full, and to grow spiritually in the process. To do so requires the skill of becoming increasingly aware of our decisions – all of them – gradually making them more wise and compassionate.
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Meditation and Buddhism January 6th Four Wednesdays 7–9pm

January 6thFour Wednesdays 7–9pm Meditation and The Four Noble Truths

Wake Up become conscious See your Habits. Once seen they can be Changed.

The course is four weeks long, each week starts with a short talk about some aspect of meditation followed by a talk on The Four Noble Truths.
The class runs from 7pm to 9 pm.

The Lucid Body House
230 Lexington Ave (between 33rd and 34th St.) NYC, NY 10016

 Pay in Advance $80
 Pay on the first night $100

With all of the activities, you are free to participate or to just sit and listen – nothing is compulsory.
If you cannot afford the course cost please let us know, and we will make arrangements for you to join us.